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What We Do

Edea is a marketplace that connects educators, presenters, and experts to teachers
for setting up professional development workshops that matter.

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You are an expert in your field, so increase your reach and inspire more people. By signing up with Edea, teachers can search for and book your workshop easily and efficiently.
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Sign up with Edea and begin booking professional development that matters to you. Easily search for and book your next workshop now.

about us

Edea Connects Educators to Educators

We aim to streamline the process of finding workshops that best suit your school’s specific academic objectives, by seamlessly connecting teachers to outstanding professional development (PD) workshops.

For workshop presenters, Edea increases your reach and simplifies the communication
process with other educators. With Edea, we help connect teachers to PD that is engaging, stimulating, and enriching - because a commitment to lifelong learning expands our collective potential.
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Our Team

Meet the passionate individuals behind Edea.
Team Member
Sureet Rai
Sureet is a grade 2 teacher and has been a passionate educator in the BC school system for over 10 years. She has completed a Master’s Degree in literacy education, along with a special education degree.
Team Member
Winona Bhatti
Winona has led 100+ workshops in the corporate world with fortune 500 companies and at universities. She was named HSBC Woman Leader of Tomorrow for her work with the community specifically with at-risk youth, immigrants and sustainability efforts.
Team Member
Joven Rai
Joven is a self taught web designer who is driven by a desire to make a lasting impact in the world he inhabits. He believes that education as well as web design should be personalized to the audience.
Team Member
Wai Phan
Wai is a Palliative Care physician and clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia. He has a special interest in resident education and wellness.

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